About Mike

I was born and raised in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. When I was a young lad I remember being obsessed with many different forms of art including drawing, sculpting, and painting to name but a few.

To further my skills and knowledge in the Arts I attended the University of Lethbridge in 1999. It was a fast and furious four years of my life but in the end it really paid off. Taking courses such as drama, drawing, script writing, film theory, music theory, design, marketing and psychology have contributed a great deal to my growth as an artist.

Completing my unpaid internship at Framework Animation ended my University career. I then packed up and moved on to attend Sheridan College's Digital Character Animation program. After Sheridan I started working as a CG generalist at Mr. X Inc. and eventualy became a senior animator.

Currently I work as a freelance animator\CG artist and when I get the free time to further my skills as an artist, character animator and story teller I do just that.

Michael Mulock